Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To My Blogger Friends

I just wanna say thanks to those of you who have left me comments encourageing me and checking in on my blog to see how I'm doing...I know my blog has been a little depressing lately, and I think I'm SLOWLY pulling out of my "funk". I'm not quite there yet, but all of your comments have helped more than you think. I'll be ready to blog about my problems soon I hope...but for now they feel a little too personal (for me almost NOTHING is too personal) to be shareing with the world. But please know that I feel very loved by your comments (you know who you are). Thanks for making me feel loved!


Natalie said...

that is so funny cause I came to your blog to write you a little note, saying thank you for your comments on my blog. You are always very thoughtful and leave me very nice notes so I wanted to do the same! You are very talented and I enjoy reading your blog, keep it up!

Holly said...

I agree w/ natalie! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! KEEP IT UP! :)

Holly said...

Sorry I haven't left a comment lately. We don't spend much time on the computer anymore. Even though I'm not online as much I am always here for ya!! You can call day or night. We are up! I love you and you will get through this.