Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...And A Happy New Year

It's almost been a week since Christmas...and while that's a great holiday, New Years is fun too. Tonight we are getting together with my family to bring in the new year...and tomorrow I'm sure we will be getting together with Josh's family to start the year off with a bang. For now I'd like to look back on some great things that happened this past year, and look ahead to some things that I'm looking forward to for 2009

2008 highlights (in no particular order):
  • Josh finally became manager of his own store
  • The grand opening for Joshs store went GREAT
  • Josh and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary
  • I celebrated my 1 year mark with Kingstons (and I'm still loving it)
  • Josh had another "experiment" done on his throat (and it didn't help)
  • Went to a few Jazz games
  • Started to learn to golf
  • Got my first set of golf clubs
  • Trip to Vegas
  • Saw Chicago in concert (fantastic)
  • Saw Phantom of the Opera on stage (awesome)
  • Trip to Moscow (for the first time) to see my little sister-in-law dance
  • Saw my best girlfriend become a mother (Balls....are we really old enough to be moms?)
  • Welcomed my first neice into the family
  • Josh met his goals and won us a trip to Cabo
  • Jumped a few big hurtles with Josh and came out smiling
  • Saw the first black man elected president
  • came home to my amazing husband every night

some things to look forward to in 2009:

  • Cabo (first trip to Mexico)
  • MAYBE get into a new house (if the market gets better)
  • celebrate our 3 year anniversary
  • another trip to Vegas
  • coming home to my wonderful hubby every day
  • going to a few Jazz games
  • celebrating 2 years with Kingstons (and still loving it)
  • watching Mya grow into a toddler (shes gonna be so fun)
  • MAYBE welcoming a baby of our own into the family
  • the unknown

I don't really do resolutions (mostly cuz I never acomplish the ones I have set)...but I do like to look back at the past year and ahead to the next one....we'll see what happens. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


indeazgirl said...

Sounds like a wonderful year. Hope this one is awesome for you both! Happy New Year!! And have fun in Cabo!