Friday, January 2, 2009


So 2008 has come and gone...what a year! I saw this idea on the Scatter Sunshine blog and thought it was great. She chooses one word at the beginning every year to focus and "work" on. So I decided that I would do the same...I'm not big into resolutions but this is something that I think I could do. So for 2009 I choose the word FORGIVE. This year I am going to work on not only forgiving others, but forgiving myself as well. I'm usually a pretty forgiving person, but when it comes to forgiving myself for things I'm pretty darn stubborn. So in order to make this year even better than last I'm letting go of all grudges. Happy 2009!


My Family said...

You go girl!!

Chelsi and Trevor said...

This is a cool idea...we could all use a little more forgivness for ourselves and others. Happy new Year Ashley.