Monday, January 5, 2009

Working On It

We have started our home makeover...and so's kinda a pain in the....well you know. We Started painting the bedroom this weekend, and it's turning out pretty nice. We did one wall a kind of navy blue and the other three are kahki. I love the colors...I just hope that it doesn't look to boyish. After the paint I'm going to start looking for some cute stuff to put on the walls (Josh thinks that should include a TV). I think the next step will be re-painting the living room, hallway, and trim (don't worry...we have someone coming in to do it for us). It will all be pretty much the same color that it is now (cuz lets face has to match the furniture), but it will feel nice to get a fresh coat on everything.

I also want to:
  • Redo the shower/bathtub (I would really just like a new tub...but I don't think that will happen)
  • Get doors (instead of curtains) to shut in the washer and dryer (no we don't have a laundry room...we have a laundry closet)
  • Finish grouting the kitchen floor
  • Siding
  • A new shed out back

I realize that no one is really interested in hearing about all the plans I have about our house...but this is a good way for me to make a list of a few things that I want to do and get them done. So wish us luck!


Holly said...

It's always a fun project to start-but then it gets old!! Fight for what you want and don't get discouraged. It won't all happen over night!

Holly said...

Oh I'm so sorry, are you using the e-mail addy sunshineinmysoul_33(at)yahoo(dot)com ? Let me know in the comments if it doesn't work again! :)