Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grease is the word

This morning I woke up to the song "Summer Nights" from the Grease soundtrack and it's been in my head ever since...the song being in my head lead to quotes ("A hickey from Kinickey is like a Hallmark card...when you care enough to send the very best") which lead to images (ahhh nice!)which consequently lead to this post.
I don't think there is a better musical out there...don't get me wrong, I loved Footloose and The Sound of Music, but Grease is just....better. I don't remember when I first saw Grease but I remember that I have loved it ever since. I always thought that I would make a great Rizzo (I know I could rock that "Pink Ladies" jacket), but who didn't secretly want to be Sandy? Come on...she had the voice, the look, and she gets to make out with Danny (John Travolta...who is much better looking in Grease than about any other movie...must be the "bad boy" thing...and the T-Birds coat). I love the energy (let's face it...The Sound of Music has no real energy) and the 50's feel. I love the cars, the diner, the clothes (I dig poodle skirts), the chessey inuendos and the fact that we can see a little bit of our own "youth" in the movie. Wether you knew a "Danny Zuko" or had friends like "Rizzo" and "Frenchy", you can totally relate to the movie.
So here's a tribute to Grease. Pictures and music....and I found these interviews on YouTube. They are kinda long....but fun to see.

Now I'm totally in the mood to go home and watch it and sing along to every song.Does anyone else love the movie or am I alone in all of this?
(Don't worry...the Grease music will only be on here until my next post....I don't wanna overdo it)


Chelsi and Trevor said...

Grease is a classic. After your post I think my hubby and I will netflix it online tonight!

My Family said...

HAHA! Nope I totally agree with you! Grease is an all time fav!

Holly said...

I love Grease! I can probably quote majority of the movie and sing you all the songs!! You've put us all in the mood to watch it!