Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking Forward to the Weekend

....because we don't have much going on! This week has seemed really long....prolly becuase its the first FULL week that I've had since Christmas. I'm lookg forward to:
  • Sleeping in till 9 or maybe even 10...sounds heavenly
  • Painting the trim in the bedroom (the walls are done)
  • Finding something cute to hang on the walls in the bedroom
  • Staying up late to watch our current favorite TV show Jericho (we get it from netflix so we aren' twatching it on TV) anyone else love it? If you've never seen it you really should
  • Watching the jazz game with Kim, Robb, Mya, Amanda, and Kevin
  • Lounging in my sweats most of the weekend
  • Celebrating my dads 61st birthday (yeah....he's getting up there)
  • Getting our passports so that we can get out of the country in April it sounds like we have plenty going on this weekend....but it's all fun relaxing stuff...and none of it HAS to be if we don't get around to it....oh well.

Just to fill you in on a few things that have been happening this week (not that it's too interesting to anyone but myself...)

  • My little brother moved to Utah to go to UVU and he called home to ask my mom how to make green beans! My mom never made us cook or do our own laundry (except me cuz I was the only girl), so for the most part my brothers never learned...Bryan is doomed.
  • Josh's assistant manager had a "semi" heart attack a few nights ago. He's ok it sounds like but he can't work for like 2 weeks...which means Josh and the only other guy that works there, Jackson will have to be picking up the hours...which kinda sucks. But as long as Steve is ok then it's all good.
  • I won a super cute scarf from Scatter Sunshine! I can't wait to get it....I don't think I've really ever won anything!
  • We didn't go to the Gym ONCE this whole week....and we WILL start going again
  • We finally got a new episode of Greys and Private Practice! (I have to say that I wasn't impressed with Greys...I think this is going to be the last season....but I still love the show!)
  • New season of the Bachelor started! Is it just me or is Jason super cute?

Ok...we are boring and it sounds like we are TV addicts...but I promise that we aren't. In fact Private Practice and The Bachelor are shows that I watch online at work (while I'm sorting all the mail...I promise that I'm not a slacker) at So that's about it...we are slightly boring....but as I read through the list I realize that it's the simple things in my life that I enjoy and I think that's a good thing. The thing in my life that I enjoy the most though, is knowing that I get to come home to my amazing hubby every night...and knowing that he's the one that I get to spend my WHOLE life with (hopefully he still loves me when I'm old and wrinkly).


Chelsi and Trevor said...

Who wouldn't love you when you are old and wrinkly? You are too cute and too much fun. Enjoy your busy, relaxing weekend. We are hoping for the same.

A.C.K. Family said...

Sounds like fun to me. Any togetherness plus movie or show equals a party in my book. And adding in a birthday party sounds very promising. Have fun!
Oh and one more thing, where are you going in April? Maybe you should wait to kick the Pepsi habit until you get back. Travel can be stressful. Good luck!

Jeremy and Genevieve said...

those are the best kind of weekends. and don't worry- i'm addicted to quite a few more tv shows! :) sorry to hear about cabo though- thats too bad and not fair that they changed his numbers and didn't get him the new ones. dumb!