Monday, January 26, 2009

This n' That

Josh is leaving today for Dallas and won't be back till Thursday....sad for me! I hate when he leaves...but I guess we appreciate each other more when he gets back.

Yesterday we had a scare with one of our dogs, Alex. He has some heart problems that we have him on meds for, and the vet told us that if he started coughing a lot or breathing funny that we should get him in for different meds because that means that the problem is getting worse. So yesterday Josh got out of bed and Alex jumped off the bed after him...when he landed on the floor all four legs went out from under him and he was acting paralized, and coughing and breathing funny. We didn't know if he was having a heart attack or a seizure or what. So we put him on the bed and for about an hour just sat by him while he coughed. This little dog is Josh's best friend...Alex has been with Josh through his parents divorces, through Josh's worst breakups and heartaches, through all of his happy times.....they are the best of friends...and I'm so scared for when Alex goes because Josh isn't going to take it well. Josh has Al at the vet right lets hope that he's ok.

The jazz lost twice this weekend (how hard is it to play defense)...and I bet one of my massages that they would win! Sux for me!

I had two pepsi's (one at each game)....and now I think I might have fallen off the wagon....because all I want is an ice cold pepsi. My name is Ashley and I'm a pepsiaholic.

And last but not least is this....I HAVE to start going to the gym! I was looking at myself in the mirror this weekend and I was NOT happy (ok so being bloated this weekend didn't help, and after having a child there are certain things that just don't go back.... but still). I also think that if I'm gonna be getting back on "the drink" I better start working it off right? It really shouldn't be hard to work out for 30 min to an hour 4 or 5 times a week. So thats my goal...go to the gym 4 times a week.


Natalie said...

we should start AA for pepsi, I fell off the wagon last week too, but oh so cool and refreshing!!!!