Tuesday, April 14, 2009

5 Years

this sweet little boy is turning 5 years old today (he's only 3 in this picture)! today is a day that i can't stop thinking about seth and the impact that he and his family have had on my life. in the last 5 years they have shown me more love and appreciation than i ever thought possible from someone in our situation. i have to admit that at the beginning of the adoption process i always thought that the connection between myself, seth, and that family that i chose would fade. not because of anything in particualr, but just becasue that can happen when people live far away and have the kind of painful/happy kind of past that is unavoidable through adoption. but seth and his family have been so amazing about always wrighting, always keeping me in the loop, letting me see them, being at my wedding, and always reminding me how grateful they are for me. where would i be without them? it's funny to think that such a scary, and heartbreaking situation (on my end) could turn into something so happy, and lead me to a path that was so much better than where i was originally headed. everything happens for a reason.

today my heart is filled with sadness (for the missed birthdays, holidays, milestones, and smiles that i didn't get to experience with him) and joy (for all of the happy birthdays, holidays, milestones, and smiles that he gets to have with such an amazing family).



Shanna said...

That is neat. It is such a scary and heartbreaking situation but to see them grow and know that they are safe, happy, and loved really helps. I am still "fresh" in the process, but I know I will continue my bond with my little boy and his family.

Kimberly said...

A big hug, Ashley!

Shalee said...

You are amazing....and make me cry pretty much every time you post about Seth!

My Family said...

You are one the strongest, caring person I know! Always keep your head up! I agree with Shalee, I cry EVERYTIME you write something about Seth!!