Wednesday, April 15, 2009

how thoughtful

when i got home from work yesterday these were waiting for me!(ok....these aren't the EXACT ones that i got...but i won't be able to get the picture off of my camera until later tonight...but you get the idea)
they were from kristi, riley, kiley, seth, and tate! they send me flowers (and a cute note) every year on seths birthday. i just think it's so thoughtful of them to send me flowers on his birthday... i feel so loved!
i also had an email waiting for me this morning telling me all about seths big day. it sounds like they went swimming and then had a "star wars" party! everyone dressed up (kiley was princess leigha and seth was darth maul), there were fun decorations, and everyone had a blast. it sounds like seth isn't into the "little boy" stuff anymore (no more thomas the train, buzz lightyear, and lightning mcqueen)...he's just so grown up! it sounds like seth had a great day....and my flowers are beautiful! thanks kristi and riley...i love you guys!