Monday, April 20, 2009

the big 3-0

today my sweet hubby is 30 years old! he's a little depressed about it (he thinks 30 is old), but i love it! i love that i have a husband who is mature (most of the time) and responsible. i love that he has a career and knows how to be a hard worker, i love that he has been places, seen things, and experienced a lot of things that life has to offer, i love that he can be random and spontanious, i love that he is pasionate about the things that he loves (golf, music, baseball, basketball, family, me, ect..), i love that he is a fantastic husband, and i love that he loves me!
we have a little family birthday party tonight at josh's moms house, and both families are going to be there. we have planned a little suprise for josh and i think he is going to love it!