Friday, April 17, 2009

i desprately need

summer (and a window that i can look out of during the day)! i've been a little cranky lately (or so one of my co-workers told me)...and it didn't feel like it was because of my horemones...there was something else. and today i figured it out. i left the building to go to lunch, and as soon as i got out into the sunshine i intantly felt cheerful...and the cheerful feeling got even better when i got into my car, put on my sunglasses, opened my sunroof (which i have missed sooo much), and cranked up my radio. i know that it's only 60 degrees out but it didn't is warmer than it has been in more than a week, the sun is shining, and this weekend is supposed to be fabulous! maybe i'm a little bipolar or something....but i'm really feeling the need for some nice weather. oh....and you know what else helps to lift a girl out of a funk?? new shoes!!! i'm going to order these sweet little numbers from piperlime...i'm feeling better already.


Shalee said...

I felt the same way- spending a little time in the sun today made me feel like a happier version of me...I may just have to take your wisdom and find some cute summer shoes, that sounds like a wonderful idea!!