Monday, July 20, 2009

busy....but the good kind

so we had a fairly busy weekend. we had dinners with families, home repairs and improvments (which included painting some of the babys room, and hanging new curtains that my mom in law made...i'll post pictures later cuz they look really cute in our bedroom), grocery shopping, and the most exciting part was that josh took me to harry potter! i'm not a raving fan by any means but i was super excited to see this one. i don't wanna say too much in case some haven't seen it yet, but it was pretty good. i have to admit that i was a little dissapointed at some things....but also pleasantly suprised at others. i think i'll like it more when i see it again (yes i plan on seeing it more than once), but it really was pretty good...the effects were great...the acting was fantastic...and the humor in it was fun. all in all...i give it an A-.
before we went to the movie...we were sitting at home and the baby started to move more than ever...and josh saw it for the first time. he was moving like crazy and we were loving it! josh kept saying that stone wants out and it looked like he was gonna bust right out of my skin at some points. it was fun...i love that part of being pregnant.
i felt like we got a lot done this weekend, and i'm starting to feel like my nesting needs are being met.


Natalie said...

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