Monday, February 8, 2010

Eye Candy By Kacie

we got stones pictures done on saturday (finally), and it was quite the experience. i had fed him about an hour before we left, but he decided that he was hungry about halfway through the shoot, and would not stop screaming until he got a bottle (i'm not a mean mom...i just try to hold him off for at least 4 hours between feedings because he's eating 6 oz), but once we got more food in him he was a gem. kacie did a fantastic job (thanks for being so patient with us kacie!). if you want a preview go to take a look at the cute pics she did of stone and all the other awesome stuff she does! i'll be sure to post a few when i get them. thanks again kacie!


Brad, Kayla and Trevin said...

I love the black and white pic of him! ADORABLE! I am obsessed with getting pictures taken! It is so fun to be able to look at them and think back to when they were SO little!

Kimberly said...

Wow, what great pictures!!! The black and white one looks so much like one of your brothers, Shaun, I think. What an adorable little guy!