Thursday, February 11, 2010


i've decided that it's time to get off my butt and start doing something about this post baby body, so this afternoon i'm taking my first yoga class! (i will never look like this while doing yoga...but i can imagine)
i'm super excited because it's in the same building as i work, it's on my lunch hour, one of my friends from work is taking it too, it's something i've never don't before, the teacher is super fun, and there is no running involved!

i have a bunch of excuses as to why i haven't been working out these last 3 months, they include
1- i have a baby which means (as any of you with babies know) that i WILL be inturupted in the middle of a good workout (or a good book, or folding laundry, or cooking dinner ect.) no matter what
2- when i wasn't working and stone was sleeping (which didn't happen that often) i was trying to sleep as well, or trying to get some kind of housework done (which also didn't happen that often)
3- now that i am the time i get home it's about 5:30 and time to figure out dinner and spend time with josh and stone before bedtime (which we are trying to get down to about 9:00)
i know that these are all just excuses, and if it was REALLY something that was super important to me then i would find time...and i guess that's what i'm doing now...working out on my lunch hour! for now it's only once a week, but that's better than none. so wish me luck...and maybe by summertime i will feel good enough about my body to get into a swim suit....maybe.


Anonymous said...

I keep saying that I am going to do that! Now I have an even better excuse... two people that I like are doing that class.... maybe I will show up next week! That is awesome you are doing something for yourself, I didn't figure out until this year that I need to be doing the same for myself! It makes for a happier mommy! So good for you!!!