Friday, February 12, 2010


so i was going through a lot of my older blog posts, and i realized that i used to report on any movies and/or TV shows that i saw...i also realized that i haven't done this in a while, so i'm going to give you my opinion on a few things.1- greys anatomy: i used to be a fan of the show, but this season doesn't seem to have the same greatness that the others have had. maybe it's because george bit the dust (he was my fave), or because izzie has been MIA (what's the deal there?), maybe now that mcdreamy and merideth are married the frusterating drama is gone...whatever it is the show just isn't holding my attention like it used to, but i still have to watch because i've followed it this long and i have to know how things end up.

2- dear john: it was a super cute movie (not as good as the notebook...but what is?). now when i say cute i mean it's not a show that your hubbys or boyfriends would enjoy even a tiny bit (josh would have sat next to me and died if he had to sit through it) it's a great show to go and see with the girls though! it's got a cute story, some tear jerker moments (i didn't cry tho...which i'm quite suprised about), a few good laughs, and a little bit of eye candy. what more does a movie need?
3-new moon: ok...i know i don't need to say anything about new moon because you have all seen it and it was FANTASTIC! i liked it better than twilight. the acting was great, i felt like it folllowed the book pretty well, there was some good comedy, some heartache (how sad is it when he leaves her in the woods?), more than your fill of shirtless warewolves, and i loved the special effects. can't wait till this one comes out on DVD (march 20th ladies!).
4- the host: i had a hard time getting into the story, but now that i've pushed through the first little bit of it i'm really enjoying the story, and find myself wondering what's going to happen next. if you have started reading the host and then just couldn't get into it....try again...push through the first 80 or so pages and you won't be sorry.

5- dark tower series: i know that stephen king has a reputation of writing mostly scary books, but this series is fantastic. it's weird, and confusing, and yes sometimes it's a little scary. but the story is amazing and the characters are so great. i so wish that these 7 (yes 7!) books would be made into movies. oh and if you are at all familiar with other stephen king books you will be amazed at how this series and all of his other books weave together....amazing!
6- private practice: still love this show!

7- bones: love love love bones! the first few seasons were the best, but this new one is good. if you haven't seen bones netflix it!

8-24: new york is about to get jacked! we are hooked on 24 (i can't say that i love freddie pince jr. character yet tho). so far this season has been ok..but i hear that it gets GREAT later in the season, so we are hanging in there...we love that jack is back!


Brittany said...

I just started watching Bones re-runs and I love love this show, can't get enough.. :-)

Kory, Lydia and Lilly said...

I agree with you on Grey's....they are losing their touch. And what is with the graphic scenes? I know they are in a hospital and can use my own imagination, thank you very much, about the injuries they are working on without them showing all the blood and guts. Love Private Practice too!! Where is the Bachelor review???? :)

Leslie said...

First, those pictures of Stone are SO cute. The second one in black and white, he even looks like a Hegsted! The pose looks familiar to a baby picture of you, or one of your brothers. I can't remember. Then in the third pictuer of Stone he looks just like his Daddy again. So, so cute.

Right there with you on Grey' just isn't the same this season...and yet, I still watch it. And 24: I felt like it is starting stronger than the last couple of seasons. I hope it keeps up.

Third...I love yoga. I don't do it as much as I used to, but it makes me have so much more energy and just feel good. Good luck with it!