Monday, April 5, 2010

easter 2010

we had a good, low key easter this year. the easter bunny visited our house and left both josh and stone gifts (mine came a few days early in the form of a new purse).

stones basket included a teething toy, two books, baby einsten (baby noah), and a new outfit. he was super excited about his gifts as you can see (or he just wanted to suck on his new pants), and he looked super handsome in his new outfit....don't you agree?

we went to my mom and dads for a delicious lunch, and of course stone got an easter basket there too. there were toys and clothes in it, AND he also got an easter basket from grandma patti and grandpa ron which had more clothes, shoes that belonged to josh when he was little (so cute), and candy for mom and dad (spoiled kid). we came home and watched the first baseball game of the year, and hung out just the three of us.

in other has started on our house! the hole is being dug as we speak! next we will just have to wait for the ground to dry enough to pour a foundation (idaho weather sucks)!


Natalie said...

that outfit is adorable, I'm glad you guys had a good Easter, Stone is the cutest!

Kimberly said...

Cute, cute!