Friday, April 30, 2010's been fun

dear diet pepsi-
it's been a great ride. we've had some good times (road trips, camping trips, card games, and lazy summer afternoons), and i'm pretty sure that we could have more, but let's be aren't good for me. if it weren't for you my belly and hips might be a little smaller....if it weren't for you i would drink more water, and despite your caffiine....i think overall i would have more energy if it weren't for you.
oh i enjoy you very much, i love your sweet (but not too sweet) taste, i enjoy the fizz, and i mostly enjoy the feeling that the first sip brings....but it's not enough. so i'm saying "goodbye". this isn't a break....this is a break up....forever.'s been sweet (but not too sweet).


Just us said...

Hi! It's Natasha! I changed my blog address so here is my new one!

Your little guy is so cute!