Wednesday, November 7, 2012

halloween and stone's 3rd birthday

i feel like i'm always behind on the blog....oh long as things eventually get posted so i don't forget i guess that's ok.
halloween was fun and busy this year. stone was more into it than last year and knew all about trick-or-treating. he decided he wanted to be yoda this year (actually, josh decided for him and then talked him into it....stone didn't really have a preference as to what he wanted to dress up as). my office always has the kids come over at about 4:00PM on halloween and trick-or-treat to all the my mom brought stone down and we did that, then we went home to pick up josh and headed to mya's great grandpa's neighborhood to hit a few houses.
 these two are such great friends and loved trick-or-treating together. mya was super excited to be cinderella.

he didn't want to say "trick or treat" when he went to the doors but he did always say "thank you" and josh taught him to say "mmmmm...candy i want" "mmmm..thank you". hahaha.
this is stone's scary face.....nice (oh...and yes that is chili on my childs face that he never stopped long enough to let me wipe off....)
by the time we made it up to grandma patti's house to trick or treat the kids were ready to be done so they decided to break out the water colors.
that's when we called it a night.
my office is fun and does a costume contest and pot luck every year. the winner usually gets a gift card to a nice restaurant here in town. a lot of people in the office are party poopers but there are a few of us that still dress up every year. this year i went all out and made my costume (i actually wasn't going to dress up because of my big pregnant belly but my mother-in-law suggested this idea and i thought it was a great one so i went with it)

 it wasn't a difficult costume to make (except finding a pair of white pants this time of year) and yes i was later informed that cows only have 4 nipples. how was i supposed to know?

and i won the costume contest so it was all worth it. stone thought it was fun that i was dressed up but he did tell me that he didn't want me to be a cow....he wanted me to be a princess. and in the picture above he had just said "i want to hold the cows hand" haha. the things kids say. all in all it was a fun halloween and even though it's a busy and hectic holiday i'll always make sure i help my children make memories.

on to stone's birthday. i can't believe he's three already!!! his actual birthday was on thursday and it was a tough day for people to make it to a party and josh had to work late doing inventory so we didn't do and i took the kids to arctic circle for lunch and let them run around and play for about as long as they wanted and when josh got home from work we took a little family trip to baskin robbins for a birthday ice cream cone. we let stone pick whatever flavor he wanted....he picked cotton candy with chocolate sprinkles (yuck)

i felt like an awful mom not doing more on my son's birthday and it made it worse when on the way home from ice cream he said "i don't want to go home. where's my birthday?" break my heart. i told him that we were having a party on saturday and that we would make it worth the wait.....and we did.

i made owl cupcakes
all of stones favorite people were there (all of my brothers were even able to be here from utah), and we opened a lot of gifts. this kid is seriously spoiled. uncle dusting even brought a fishing pole and let stone "fish" for his gifts
and josh and i got him his very own "ipad"
it's a leap pad 2 but he calls it an ipad and he doesn't know how to use all the features yet but he's learning really quickly.
i just can't believe that my baby boy is already 3! he's so big and so smart and we love him so much.
so that's what we've been up to. and now it's novemeber......time to start the holiday craziness!