Wednesday, October 20, 2010

seth is a big brother again!

seth became a big brother again at the end of september..and from what i hear he loves his new little sister.
cute siblings

very handsome little boy and a very loving big brother..beautiful baby girl

yes i miss him....but when i see these pictures, and get emails from kristi and riley, and get to go see him....i know he's right where he was meant to be.  with his family. i love them all so much, and i'm so excited about their new addition!


Tracie said...

You've certainly given Seth a great life. How is Riley doing? I think you mentioned a while back that he was ill. I hope all is going well for them -- even though I don't know them, and even though the last time I saw you, you were two or three. God bless you in all you do!!!

A Life Being Lived said...

What a proud big brother!! My daughter, Bluebell, has two big brothers and they are just smitten. (I placed her 3 months ago). It's so touching to see big brothers loving their little sisters. What an adorable boy.

Leslie said...

Seth is so cute. I see you in his eyes. The pictures in the below post with the whole fam are priceless.